Indian Music Software

Indian Music Softwares

There are some interesting downloads which you will find useful as a musician. I hope you will enjoy using them as much as we have enjoyed making them.

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Name Description Mac PC
Harmonic Visualiser 1.0 Tool to hear and see the overtones and the harmonics by inputting numbers and comparing with the tempered notes.
Desktop Tanpura 1.0 Good quality tanpura for professional use. With equaliser and user defined parameters.
Murchanna Tanpura 1.0 Innovative tanpura to play the murchannas in a given tuning.
Swara Lattice version 1.0 Tool to sing and practice the 22 shruti swaras with tanpura and a dial indicator.
Swara Player version 1.1 Tool to input swaras in sargam to hear the notations or practise along.
Layakari Metronome version 1.0 Tool to master the jatis (groupings) and create musical metronomic accompaniment
Chanda Player 1.0 Tool to create chandas and change the swaras in different groupings.

To watch an overview video of the above softwares click here